Since 1991 LBE, LTD. The Energy Connection has been providing our clients with savings long before deregulation was even considered.  Our company believes before anyone enters an agreement with a third party supplier, the client needs to know their true cost of energy.  Once this is determined, then you can negotiate with a third party supplier with the knowledge that you are receiving a fair deal.  We can usually save our clients between 10 – 30% from the utility company or third party supplier.

Our goal and mission is to secure the lowest possible price for our clients in regards to their energy costs.

Our philosophy is simple:  Each account is unique and needs a proper analysis to determine what is right for them.

Therefore, we have developed the following strategy for our clients:


electricity-lightsThe average utility customer before they become an LBE client normally uses the “paperclip process” of procuring their electric and gas service.  They go out and ask for three or more quotes.  Lowest quote gets the business.  A supplier will quote .10 per KWH, the second .095 per KWH, and the third .092 per KWH.  They sign the .092 per KWH deal thinking that they did a great job.

Maybe they did, but what if by using LBE, LTD. The Energy Connection OPEN MY EYES STRATEGY they found that they could be paying .07 per KWH.  Why sign a deal for a higher price?  This is how the suppliers take advantage of the client.  The client is shopping like they have always been taught.  However, with Utility pricing all the old habits should be thrown out.

Once our client’s eyes are open, then we approach the retail market.  We can lock in long term rates with our energy partner that can provide your business with long term price stability at a fair and
reasonable rate.

Out of our philosophy and strategy comes our GUARANTEE.

Bring us your current pricing or your best renewal offer in writing and we will tell you up front whether it is a good deal. Become an LBE client and we will base our fee on a shared savings program using your best renewal offer as the baseline.  For example, if you have a renewal offer of .092 per KWH on the table, we must come in lower to generate a fee.

By using the shared savings approach; the harder we work, the more we make, the more you save.

However, we are able to supply a quote for your electric or natural gas usage at no cost from our energy partner.

It’s easy to get started, simply fill out our contact form for a free no obligation quote.