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book-our-story-lakeLBE, LTD. The Energy Connection was incorporated and founded in 1991 by Loyd Bostic. At that time Loyd recognized a need in the market that that was not being fulfilled.

This came about when he placed a phone call to Commonwealth Edison to complain about an electric bill that he was responsible for paying. He thought that the bill was wrong. However, the customer service representative at Commonwealth Edison told him that the bill was right and they did not make mistakes. When he hung up he realized that no company could be this infallible. Common sense told him that if a business has millions of clients they have to have an acceptable error rate on their billing. Therefore, not every bill that they process can be correct. Their first line of defense is the customer service department and the client was wrong. Naturally, if the client did not have the proper knowledge of their invoicing the client could not win.

He recalled how invoices normally are paid. They need purchase orders, an agreed price, receiving documents and then an invoice. Once all these documents are received the invoice can be paid. However, this was not and is not the case with the Utility bills. The bill comes without any of the above documents and it is processed to be paid.

With the above system, clients are at the mercy of the Electric and Gas Companies. This has not changed since LBE was founded. Since its founding, LBE has saved it clients millions of dollars in price reductions and refunds that the clients never knew they had coming.

The Utility companies have now limited their liability for mistakes to the past 24 months. This reduces their liability and promotes a system that is unfair and difficult for the normal client to ascertain if they are being charged properly. Since deregulation this knowledge is even more valuable because rates are changing every month. Every Utility client needs the support of LBE, LTD. in today’s ever changing environment to avoid being over charged.

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